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Ritorno a Semino, con qualche divagazione

digital Ritorno a Semino, con qualche divagazione
fascicolo ARTE LOMBARDA - 2021 - 1-2
titolo Ritorno a Semino, con qualche divagazione
A Return to Semino, with some digressions
Editore Vita e Pensiero
formato Articolo | Pdf
online da 12-2021
doi 10.26350/666112_000083
issn 0004-3443 (stampa) | 2785-1117 (digitale)
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The article starts with the attribution to Ottavio Semino of a painting preserved in the church of San Martino at Greco, in the north-eastern suburbs of Milan. the ne w acquisition of the Ligurian painter ’s catalog offers an opportunity to reconsider the most important works he undertook during his long stay in Lombardy, since the decorations of Palazzo Marino, a crucial junction f or Milan in mid-16th century on which an adequate study is still lacking. In the same church of San Martino at Greco there is also a painting probably by a f ollower of bernardino Campi from the master’s models. Hence a reflection, starting from the known testimonies, on the practice of reusing bernardino’s drawings in his workshop, one of the most active and important in the Milan area in the late 16th century. the ‘digressions’ of the title include two little or no-known paintings by Gerolamo Ciocca, a prolific pupil of Giovanni Paolo Lomazzo whose catalog is being reconstructed.


Ottavio Semino; bernardino Campi; Gerolamo Ciocca; Milan, church of San Martino at Greco; Milan, Palazzo Marino.

Biografia dell'autore

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore; stefano.bruzzese@unicatt.it