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Un dipinto di Antonio Giarola in Valtellina

digital Un dipinto di Antonio Giarola in Valtellina
Fascicolo ARTE LOMBARDA - 2021 - 1-2
Titolo Un dipinto di Antonio Giarola in Valtellina
A painting by Antonio Giarola in Valtellina
Editore Vita e Pensiero
Formato Articolo | Pdf
Online da 12-2021
Doi 10.26350/666112_000087
Issn 0004-3443 (stampa) | 2785-1117 (digitale)
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The unpublished Saint Anthony of Padua with the Infant Jesus preserved in the oratory of the confreres adjacent to the parish church of Gerola Alta (Sondrio) updates the catalog of the Veronese painter  Antonio Giarola called Cavalier Coppa with a late work, the only known with both the signature and the date (1659). Among the rare fixed points to reconstruct the artist’s career, it is placed in the most  advanced phase of his path, when he works within the confines of the Emilian classicist culture learned thanks to a period of study spent in bologna (1621-1624 circa). the presence in Valtellina of a painting by Cavalier Coppa is probably due to the phenomenon of emigrants’ remittances; it would therefore be a donation to his church of origin of some inhabitant of Gerola who emigrated to Verona.


Antonio Giarola called Cavalier Coppa; Valtellina, painting of 17th century; Gerola Alta (Sondrio); emigrants’ remittances.

Biografia dell'autore

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milano; eugenia.bianchi@tin.it

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