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Jessica Gritti

Libri dell'autore

Bramante e la cappella ducale di San Teodoro in Santa Maria presso San Satiro digital
formato: Articolo | ARTE LOMBARDA - 2016 - 1-2
Anno: 2016
One of the most discussed works belonging to the latter activity of Bramante in Milan is the project for the ducal chapel of San Teodoro, wanted directly by Ludovico il Moro starting from 1497 and never begun...
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Cesare Cesariano, il Duomo di Milano e le tavole dell’edizione di Vitruvio del 1521 digital
formato: Articolo | ARTE LOMBARDA - 2013 - 1
Anno: 2013
Among the vast production of graphic works linked to the projects for the Duomo and its construction, several drawings can be connected to the plates in Cesare Cesariano’s edition of Vitruvius, although with different dates and motivations. As partly shown by Luca Beltrami’s studies of the 1880s, Cesariano’s plates have a very particular function: on one hand they constitute a graphic testimony of other drawing now lost, dating back to the beginnings of the history of the Cathedral. On the other hand, they were themselves a fundamental benchmark and starting point for the many projects surrounding the Duomo since 1521, as demonstrated by the choice of Cesariano’s Ichnographia as a reference for later plans. Moreover, a thorough analysis of two drawings representing the cross-section of the building (and in particular the one at p. 4v in the second volume of the Bianconi collection) reveals them to be connected – each in its own way – to the plate with Vitruvius’ Scaenographia; such finding leads to a series of observations on Cesariano’s knowledge and use of the sources then available regarding the origins of the Cathedral.
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Filarete e la chiesa degli eremiti di san Girolamo: «…nel modo ch’io ordinai a Bergamo, che era bella» digital
formato: Articolo | ARTE LOMBARDA - 2009 - 1
Anno: 2009
The essay moves from a passage of book XVI of Filarete’s treatise on architecture, where the author outlines the project for a church, ordered by Duchess Bianca Maria Visconti for a monastery of the Hermits of St. Jerome. In this very peculiar project by the Tuscan master, a single-nave, vaulted building is flanked by lateral chapels, overtopped by an accessible matroneum. The project has been connected by John R. Spencer to the church of San Sigismondo in Cremona, founded in 1463. The debate on a type of church that was perceived as abnormal in the coeval Lombard milieu brought forth similar projects by Filarete in Lombardy, such as the Cathedral (1457) and the San Gottardo dei Serviti complex in Bergamo (1462), the latter being known thanks to a document published by Richard Schofield in 2002, but nonetheless essentially ignored in recent studies on Filarete’s activity in Lombardy. The identification of an architectural type described by Filarete in his treatise – and perhaps attempted more than once during his stay in Lombardy – suggests an oft-overlooked line of inquiry, which considers architectural culture and possible influences, such as – in this case – the Badia in Fiesole. Such inquiry – while asking for a wider consideration of Filarete’s work in Lombardy – is crucial to the understanding both of the culture he brought with him, and of its penetration and, in a few cases, influence on Lombard architecture of the time.
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