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Andrea Bonavita

Libri dell'autore

Luigi Vanvitelli e un nuovo disegno per il santuario del Crocifisso di Como digital
formato: Articolo | ARTE LOMBARDA - 2011 - 3
Anno: 2011
Luigi Vanvitelli and a newly discovered drawing for the Sanctuary of the Crucifix in...
€ 6,00
Sepolture in San Giovanni in Conca: Carlo Borromeo, Vincenzo Seregni e il rinnovamento della chiesa dei carmelitani digital
formato: Articolo | ARTE LOMBARDA - 2009 - 3
Anno: 2009
The retrieval of the contract for the moving of Bernabò Visconti’s statue from the choir of San Giovanni in Conca in Milan (1571) gives an opportunity to reconsider the years following the Pastoral visits of Carlo Borromeo, which marked an important renovation of the Carmelite church. While the Cardinal once again had to deal with the problem of ducal remains occupying a place of worship and prayer, Vincenzo Seregni, the actual promoter of the architectural adjustment, looked for a solution to numerous problems, regarding which ancient and recent tombs played a relevant role.
€ 6,00

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