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Gli affreschi di palazzo Vertemate Franchi a Piuro

digital Gli affreschi di palazzo Vertemate Franchi a Piuro
Fascicolo ARTE LOMBARDA - 2018 - 1-2
Titolo Gli affreschi di palazzo Vertemate Franchi a Piuro
The frescoes of Palazzo Vertemate Franchi in Piuro
Editore Vita e Pensiero
Formato Articolo | Pdf
Online da 11-2018
Doi 10.26350/666112_000010
Issn 0004-3443 (stampa) | 2785-1117 (digitale)
€ 6,00

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Important pictorial works of art highlight one of the most important buildings of the Lombard Renaissance, the sixteenth century Palazzo Vertemate Franchi in Piuro (Sondrio). This article opens with a synthetic yet at the same time careful reconstruction of the historical and cultural background to which the building belongs. Subsequently the Author clarifies some of the aspects connected to the history and past use of the building, the only one remaining after the tragic destruction of the village of Piuro, caused by a landslide in 1618. With regard to the matter concerning the frescoes, that can be traced back to the ambit of the “Accademia dei Facchini della Val di Blenio”, the Author proposes some personal views, based on a rereading and interpretation of coeval documents, as well as on the stylistic considerations and comparisons, extending the argument as far as considering, in a broad sense, the probable origin of the villa under an architectonical and decorative profile. The research proceeds further, considering some iconographic and thematic selections in relation to the destination and use of the villa, as well as the history of the Vertemate family and of the ancient village of Piuro. The very same myths taken from Ovid’s Metamorphoses are therefore not only listed, but interpreted according to their probable ‘pedagogical’ objective.

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