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Il restauro della Madonna di Riozzo

digital Il restauro della Madonna di Riozzo
fascicolo ARTE LOMBARDA - 2014 - 3
titolo Il restauro della Madonna di Riozzo
Editore Vita e Pensiero
formato Articolo | Pdf
online da 05-2015
issn 0004-3443 (stampa) | 2785-1117 (digitale)
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The high relief is carved from a single block of Candoglia marble by approximate weight of six quintals. The state of conservation had rather homogeneous characteristics: the sculptural surface was darkened by a layer of compact deposit whose thickness varied according to the position. Copious squirts of plaster and paint were observed on all the figures. The marble shows no morphological alterations; mostly of damage, splinters and small lacks, are located in the more jutting out sections and therefore more subject to the action of traumas. Two of the most important gaps, the face of the Angel on the left and of the Child Jesus, were remedied by blocks stone. The reconstruction of the nose of the Virgin, made with plaster, was demolished with small chisels and this has allowed us to rediscover the original volume of this element. The left corner of the relief base has been reconstructed in order to increase the stability of the work during the exposition. Small traces of polychrome were kept in the areas of more protected modeling. Diagnostic analysis have shown to be fragments of a repainting performed at the end of the nineteenth century; for this reason the Works Supervisor has decided to remove them in order to enable a clearer reading of the work. The restoration of the relief of the Madonna and Child had a twofold result: firstly, the sculpture has regained luster, bringing out the real volume and chiaroscuro ratios, the other has allowed to recognize more clearly the intervention that relief has suffered in the past.