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Agnese Marengo

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Gli affreschi dei Carlone in Sant’Antonio Abate a Milano. Ipotesi per una committenza genovese digital
formato: Articolo | ARTE LOMBARDA - 2011 - 3
Anno: 2011
The Frescoes by Giovanni and Giovanni Battista Carlone in Sant’Antonio Abate in Milan. A possible Genoese commission AGNESE MARENGO The article suggests a new interpretation of the appointment of Giovanni and Giovanni Battista Carlone for the realization of the fresco series with Stories of the Cross (1630-1632) in the Theatine church of S. Antonio Abate in Milan. Such a prestigious assignment to a couple of Genoese painters arguably originated in a milieu somehow connected to the city of Genoa. Possible evidence is given by the well documented relationship between the two painters and members of the Spinola family, who at the time held important roles in the politics of the State of Milan. Following this line of interpretation, the man portrayed in one of the frescoes decorating the nave may be identified with a member of the notorious family.
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