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Simona Borgonovo

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Nuovi spunti per i restauri ottocenteschi di Giulio Aluisetti in San Simpliciano a Milano digital
Formato: Articolo | ARTE LOMBARDA - 2010 - 3
Anno: 2010
Giulio Aluisetti and the 19th-Century renovation of the Church of San Simpliciano in Milan SIMONA BORGONOVO Between 1839 and 1846, the basilica of San Simpliciano in Milan went through a period of deep rearrangement of its interior: architect Giulio Aluisetti operated a renovation that, while maintaining the Paleochristian structure, altered both the wall surface and the sculptural and pictorial decorations. In order to examine such a crucial turning point in the history of the basilica, the author meticulously wrote down documents from Milan’s Archivio Storico Civico and those, never previously published, from the City’s State Archive and the Parish Archive of San Simpliciano. The Archive of the Soprintendenza per i Beni Ambientali ed Architettonici of Milan was also a source, particularly regarding the 20th Century renovations. Such a vast exam, together with a reconsideration of the existing literature – among which the studies by Struffolino Krüger, allowed the author to trace the chronology of Aluisetti’s intervention, identifying the artists involved in the various stages of the project, and putting into context the architect’s drawings.
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