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Matteo Bollini

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Illuminare la Parola: appunti sulla Bibbia di Varese, un inedito manoscritto miniato del XII secolo a Ganagobie digital
formato: Articolo | ARTE LOMBARDA - 2020 - 2 - 3
Anno: 2020
this study presents a precious illuminated bible dating back to the second half of the 12th century, currently kept in the abbey of Ganagobie in France (Provence) but created for the choral office of the ancient basilica of San Vittore in Varese. the contribution shows how this manuscript, significant for the art of the territory, is close to the illuminated bibles of Milan, representing a concrete example of an original creative process based on the geographical mobility of models and interactions between patrons and artists...
€ 6,00
«Tutto il Sacro Monte risplendeva». Studi sugli apparati scenografici realizzati da Giuseppe e Giulio Baroffio a Varese digital
formato: Articolo | ARTE LOMBARDA - 2017 - 3
Anno: 2017
Among the numerous protagonists and supporting actors of the Varese art scene of the eighteenth Century, recent years’ studies have been gradually discovering or re-discovering the rightful place of brothers Giuseppe and Giulio Baroffio...
€ 6,00
Gli occhi di Assago. Osservazioni sui frammenti dipinti medievali scoperti nella chiesa di San Desiderio digital
formato: Articolo | ARTE LOMBARDA - 2015 - 1-2
Anno: 2015
This survey analyses the painted fragments from excavations conducted in 1996-1997 in the church of San Desiderio in Assago (Milan). During a complete restoration of the church in the mid-sixteenth century, ancient paintings were destroyed and used as material for filling layers. Stylistically an attempt was tried in order to bring out the highest figurative details and data, and to also to include them in a broader pictorial context...
€ 6,00